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Why Sahm ?

How we do it ?

Understand Plan Execute Deliver at Sahm, we believe in thoroughly understanding a customer’s challenges before we get into planning a project. Next, the planning phase involves manpower planning, recruitment of well-trained merchandisers, back-end customization of the dashboard, and the go-to-market execution strategy. Thereon, its complete focus on perfect execution & performance delivery. All this in record turnaround time.

We bear the burden instead of you:


Governmental Obligations

Employee Relation

Direct Merchandising Services

Experienced And Trained Professionals

Sahm only employs professionally trained merchandisers with past experiences working with many companies. Our merchandisers are very familiar with the local market, and you can stand to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Hassle Free Experience

We at Sahm believe that simpler is better. All you need to do is to state your requirements, your merchandising strategy and which Supermarkets and pharmacies you are targeting. We will then immediately have our merchandisers report to the store and work on the merchandising according to the requirements.

Transparency And Efficiency

Our merchandisers are issued handheld tablets that they can use to receive instructions and input data for feedback. our clients can get immediate feedback via an interactive dashboard to monitor the work.

We are committed to employing highly competent people and outstanding performance to help you achieve your goal without suffering. We briefly put the right person in the right place.

Built through extensive experience, Sahm assure continues quality of work and trained staff to:

What is Merchandising, Importance of merchandising, Business terminologies.

Safety and Workplace.

Merchandising Pillars (Out of stock, Planogram, POSM, Price tags).

Trolley Application (Overview of the system & app, How to use the app).

Proprietary HH Solution

Our experience over the years has taught us, that the most important & crucial role in the FMCG business is played by on-ground merchandiser.

However due to lack of training & technology, companies are not able to monitor this key human resource properly.

Therefore, since inception, we have invested heavily in our signature ‘HH Solution’, a proprietary technology that not only directs Sahm merchandisers on what they need to do, but also provides real-time two-way feedback which is shared with the client in an unfiltered manner via our live dashboard, Moreover, armed with tablets where they are in the field, our merchandisers’ time & efficiency is maximized, aiding us to serve you better.

High-quality of Workis our road and we assure that by using latest technology

Comprehensive & Accurate E-Reportsgenerated With A Touch Of A Button

No Paperwork!

Stock Report

Competitions Reports

Cproduct Status

Team Performance